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Irrigation Development

Medium and large irrigation will be undertaken by the end of plan period i.e. 2015.

  1. Increase the land which is ready now for irrigation from 462,114 hectares to 1,208,448 hectares and complete the design and detail study in order to ensure the sustainability of the irrigation.
  2. Increasing irrigated land from 127,246.6 hectares, which is medium and large irrigation, to 785,582.6 hectare.
  3. Re-establishing and expansion of 5570 hectares land which designated for medium and large irrigation.
  4. Undertaking   designs and detail studies for 15 medium and large irrigation projects which will make 364,613 hectares of land to be ready for irrigation.
  5. These irrigation projects totally are expected to create employment opportunities for 115, 961 people. From this figure, 12,422 are professionals who are 10+3 completes and more than that. 238 local and foreign consultants are required for 238 medium and large irrigation projects assuming that one consultant is required for each project. From 238 consultants, 35 should be class one consultants for large projects and the remaining 203 consultants can be class two consultants.