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Construction in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country where construction has reached its highest stage. It is also a place where construction is highly blooming among east African countries. The country is hugely engaged in infrastructure development which includes construction of road and railway line, houses, energy supply and pure water.

Ethiopia designed various policies and strategies to turn the nation in to a middle income country by 2025. One of the plans the country has developed, the Growth and Transformation Plan(GTP) which is aimed at bringing a speedy economic development which helps to transform the nation to the higher stage.

When the GTP is fully implemented in 2015,

  1. The country, at federal level, would have a total of 12782 km. Out of which 728km is strengthened;   1089 km improved high ways and 3934 km upgraded connecting roads and 4700 km maintained roads.
  2. 11212km roads will be constructed and maintained through regional road authorities.
  3. All roads of small towns will be connected to high ways after upgrading them to serve in all weather.
  4. The existing 48800 km roads will be increased to 64522km. More than 1000km gravel roads, which are in district of each zone of different regions, will be upgraded in to asphalt road