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CCAE has now become the first choice of contractors as it enables its members to meet easily with other actors of the construction industry and share experience, work together and seek solution for problems through discussion and consultation.

CCAE has undertaken several activities in addition to organizing its members to work together. The Association has made several achievements over the last five years. One of these is related to the success achieved in re-organizing and strengthening the office of the Association which has been able to build its capacity by equipping its office with computers, furniture and other office materials. Consequently, the Association has now had a Meeting Hall which its member can use with a minimum price.

The Association has also begun providing a library service to both its members and other bodies who are in the construction industry after establishing a resources center which has a collection of information and documents in the sector.

The activities of the Association go beyond domestic arena. It also works with international   institutions in order to have international and standard experience. One of the points which is worth mentioning here is the cooperation that the Association has had with pro-invest and BGV (from Germany) projects which assisted the Association to be more accessible to its members.

Leaders of the Association have exerted their maximum efforts to strengthen the Association by drawing international lessons and experiences obtained through visits made to foreign countries. Having seen the experience of South Africa and Tanzania, leaders of CCAE have submitted a proposal to concerned government institutions regarding the significance of a National Construction Industry Council to the development of the industry in the country.

Based on the proposal submitted, activities are being undertaken to establish a National Construction Industry Council, which is an umbrella organization of which members are from both government institutions and experts and representations of the construction industry, which is aimed at seeking solutions to problems seen in the industry.