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About CCAE

Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia (CCAE) was established on October 28, 1991 to protect the obstacles facing contractors (main actors of the construction industry) and to help them play their appropriate role in the development of the construction industry. First the Association had a few members and leaders. However, following the growth of the construction industry in the country, the number of members of the Association has increased   as the activities of Association are expanded and enhanced.

By expanding its leading and working system, CCAE is now undertaking several activities. The major ones include the following.

The Association has made most of the contractors in the country be its members who get several benefits from the Association. Based on findings of research, the Association organizes capacity building workshops, conferences and discussion forum which are aimed at seeking solutions for problems that members face while they undertake their activities. It all enhances the awareness of its members through the dissemination of government proclamations, regulations and directions and other information related to the construction industry.

On top of that the Association serves as a bridge between contractors and government with the objective of creating healthy working relations. It is because this that the number of its members has become more than 1,400 that makes the Association be the largest Association in the industry.