• ETHIO-CON 2017

    14th International Construction Exhibition

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  • CCAE 25th Anniversary

    CCAE has the following main objectives

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    CCAE has given Different Training for Members

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  • CCAE Anual Meeting

    Since its establishment on October 28, 1991

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ETHIO-CON 2016 Event

Each year ETHIO-CON has grown in every direction, below statistic shows the 13th international construction exhibition


Visitors From Ethiopia

The construction sector in Ethiopia has been growing in unprecedented rate during the past years. Some of the reasons for this are the priorities.

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Visitors from Other Country

Also, the government of Ethiopia has formulated a very ambitious plan for the development of the construction sector for the next five years.

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The Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia, which embraces more than 1400 member of contractors, is committed to contribute.

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Magazine Booked

The construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia is the sole event organizer for the international construction exhibition under the title of Ethio-Con..

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Spaced Booked

The Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia (CCAE) is organizing the Ethio-Con - 2016 the 9th International Construction Exhibition.

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The event includes panel discussions and technical skills competition at Ethio-Con - 2016. Particularly, the recent editions have witnessed.

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About Us

Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia (CCAE).

CCAE is committed to play key role for the dominance of fair competition, contract governance, access to major resources; improving the performing capabilities of its members; facilitating cooperation among members; and with national and international contractors. It also works for a joint stakeholders’ strategic collaboration.
We aspire to see CCAE being an association that has prominent image among stakeholders and plays pivotal role in advocacy and service delivery to its members.
- To increase the number and commitment of members to enhance material capacity and image
- Initiate changes and improvement in the legal and regulatory frameworks of procurement, contract administration and implementation practices.
- To strengthen its capacity to enable it renders advisory, problem solving and facilitation services to the expectations of its members.
- To improve members’ access to jobs both at national level and beyond borders
- To initiate and promote cooperation forum among stake holders
- To capture and disseminate know-how and information to members
- To organize and facilitate trainings, workshops, seminars and meetings on selected contract and business management topics
- To review and upgrade continuously the capability of CCAE to enable it identify priorities and improve its performance
- Keep professional ethics in all involvements of itself and its members
- Respect Laws, Rules and regulations of the country
- Respect community values
- Stand for environmental protection
- Cooperate in alleviation of social problems
- Cooperate in the development efforts of the country